Traumerei van R. Schumann (bewerking voor klarinetensemble)

R. Schumann
(bewerking voor klarinetensemble)
Opus 14
Released date: 2023
ISBN 9 790803 760355



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Robert Schumann’s “Träumerei,” or “Dreaming,” is a testament to the emotive power of Romantic music. This piece is the seventh in the collection “Kinderszenen” (Scenes from Childhood), Op. 15, composed in 1838. Through its gentle melody, Schumann captures the innocence and nostalgia of childhood reverie. The simplicity of “Träumerei” belies its profound emotional resonance. In just about four minutes, the listener is transported to a serene, dreamlike state, showcasing Schumann’s genius in evoking deep emotions with minimal means. A timeless piece, “Träumerei” continues to touch hearts across generations and cultures, affirming music’s universal language.

Luca Mozzillo has arranged this delightful composition for a clarinet ensemble. His rendition brings to life the poignant emotions embedded in Schumann’s piece, all while harnessing the distinctive timbral depth of the clarinet.

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