Traumerei de R. Schumann (arrangement pour ensemble de clarinettes)

R. Schumann
(arrangement pour ensemble de clarinettes)
Opus 14
Released date: 2023
ISBN 9 790803 760355



(uniquement en anglais)

Robert Schumann’s « Träumerei, » or « Dreaming, » is a testament to the emotive power of Romantic music. This piece is the seventh in the collection « Kinderszenen » (Scenes from Childhood), Op. 15, composed in 1838. Through its gentle melody, Schumann captures the innocence and nostalgia of childhood reverie. The simplicity of « Träumerei » belies its profound emotional resonance. In just about four minutes, the listener is transported to a serene, dreamlike state, showcasing Schumann’s genius in evoking deep emotions with minimal means. A timeless piece, « Träumerei » continues to touch hearts across generations and cultures, affirming music’s universal language.

Luca Mozzillo has arranged this delightful composition for a clarinet ensemble. His rendition brings to life the poignant emotions embedded in Schumann’s piece, all while harnessing the distinctive timbral depth of the clarinet.

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