Petite pièce by Debussy (transcribed for saxophone)

Petite pièce
(transcribed for saxophone)
Encore 29
Released date: 2024
ISBN 9 790803 760447



“Petite Pièce,” composed by Claude Debussy in 1910, is a charming and concise work for clarinet and piano. Originally created as an examination piece for the Paris Conservatoire, it demonstrates Debussy’s innovative approach to harmony and tone color within a brief format.

Despite its short duration, “Petite Pièce” encapsulates Debussy’s signature style, blending lyrical melodies with playful, staccato rhythms. The dialogue between the clarinet and piano is intimate and engaging, showcasing Debussy’s ability to convey depth and emotion succinctly.

This piece serves as an excellent introduction to Debussy’s music, highlighting his contribution to the evolution of modern classical music and his skill in creating rich, atmospheric textures. “Petite Pièce” continues to be a favorite among performers and audiences, celebrating Debussy’s lasting impact on the chamber music repertoire.

Now available for saxophone thanks to Luca Mozzillo, this adaptation broadens the piece’s appeal, allowing saxophonists to explore Debussy’s exquisite musical ideas. Mozzillo’s arrangement maintains the original’s charm and intricacy while bringing a fresh timbre to the composition, further demonstrating its versatility and enduring relevance.

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