Syrinx van Cl. Debussy (bewerking voor klarinet)

Cl. Debussy
(bewerking voor klarinet)
Encore 19
Released date: 2023
ISBN 9 790803 760300



(enkel engels)

Syrinx, L. 129, is a masterpiece of solo flute music composed by Claude Debussy in 1913. It’s a short yet intense piece that showcases the versatility and expressive potential of the flute, and has become an essential part of the repertoire for flutists worldwide.

Syrinx has gained much popularity among musicians and listeners alike, with its emotive and interpretive nature giving performers a lot of room to express their musical ideas.

Francesco Barbaria has reimagined Syrinx to highlight the distinctive tonal qualities and expressive potential of the soprano saxophone, while still preserving the challenging and thrilling character of Debussy’s original composition. This clarinet version demonstrates how Syrinx can showcase not only the genius of Debussy but also the adaptability of the piece to clarinet.

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