Schön Rosmarin van Kreisler (bewerking voor alto saxofoon)

Schön Rosmarin
(bewerking voor alto saxofoon)
Encore 28
Released date: 2024
ISBN 9 790803 760430



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“Schön Rosmarin,” composed by Fritz Kreisler, stands as a charming and elegant miniature from his “Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen” collection, evoking the nostalgic spirit of Old Vienna with its playful and sweet melody. This piece, while accessible to a broad range of violinists, encapsulates the technical grace and emotional depth characteristic of Kreisler’s compositions, offering both a technical challenge and an expressive joy to performers. It reflects the cultural richness of early 20th-century Vienna, showcasing Kreisler’s unique blend of romantic expressiveness and virtuosic skill, making it a beloved staple in the violin repertoire and a window into the bygone era of Viennese sophistication.

In a delightful twist on tradition, “Schön Rosmarin” has been transcribed for saxophone, bringing a fresh perspective to Fritz Kreisler’s beloved violin miniature. This adaptation enriches the piece’s expressive capabilities by exploring the rich and versatile timbre of the saxophone, adding a new layer of depth and color to the original composition. The transcription remains faithful to Kreisler’s romantic expressiveness and technical nuances, while also highlighting the saxophone’s unique ability to convey the playful and sweet nature of the melody. This version opens up the piece to saxophonists eager to delve into the lyrical and virtuosic repertoire, offering them the opportunity to engage with Kreisler’s work in a way that bridges the gap between string and wind instruments, and expands the musical horizons of “Schön Rosmarin” beyond its violin origins.

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