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Special Gift: Explore New Musical Horizons!

HDSB Music Publishing is excited to celebrate its third anniversary. In these three years, we’ve grown our catalog to over 40 titles, focusing on transcriptions for clarinet, saxophone, and flute. Our mission is to uncover and share new repertoire, enriching the musical journey of instrumentalists around the world. In our ongoing endeavor to inspire musicians, […]

Telemann’s Pioneering Journey in Self-Publishing Baroque Masterpieces

Georg Philipp Telemann was a prolific German composer and musician of the Baroque era, who was known for taking an unusually proactive role in the publication of his own music. In the early 18th century, it was uncommon for composers to publish their own works; instead, they typically relied on publishers and patrons to disseminate […]

J.S. Bach and the Clarinet: A Missed Encounter in Musical History ?

Johann Sebastian Bach, the renowned Baroque composer, never wrote music specifically for the clarinet, and this can be attributed to the state of the instrument’s development during his time. The clarinet, as we know it today, did not yet exist in its modern form during Bach’s lifetime (1685-1750). The precursor to the clarinet is the […]

The Transformative Journey of Music Notation

Beginnings of Musical Notation Around 3000 years ago, ancient Greeks utilized symbols to represent musical pitches and durations, marking the inception of musical notation’s evolution. By the 9th century, Europe adopted neumes, signs indicating melodic shapes, which eventually evolved into the modern five-line staff in the early 13th century. The Church played a vital role […]