Special Gift: Explore New Musical Horizons!

HDSB Music Publishing is excited to celebrate its third anniversary. In these three years, we’ve grown our catalog to over 40 titles, focusing on transcriptions for clarinet, saxophone, and flute. Our mission is to uncover and share new repertoire, enriching the musical journey of instrumentalists around the world.

In our ongoing endeavor to inspire musicians, we’re thrilled to offer a unique gift to you. This exclusive offering includes three versions of carefully selected extracts from our solo instrument repertoire, featuring works from the legendary composers J.S. Bach and G.P. Telemann. Whether you’re a clarinet, saxophone, or flute enthusiast, there’s something special for everyone.

To access this special gift, simply click on the links below:

HDSB New Year’s Gift for clarinetists

HDSB New Year’s Gift for saxophonists

HDSB New Year’s Gift for flutists

Keep an eye on our growing catalog for more exciting releases in the future.

Happy playing!

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