Variations La Cenerentola von F. Chopin (Transkription für A-Klarinette)

F. Chopin
(Transkription für A-Klarinette)
Encore 24
Released date: 2024
ISBN 9 790803 760393



(Nur Englisch)

Frédéric Chopin’s „Variations on ‚Non più mesta‘ from Rossini’s La Cenerentola,“ composed in 1826, marks a fascinating blend of homage and innovation. By choosing a theme from Gioachino Rossini’s popular opera, Chopin aligns himself with the operatic tradition of the time while also showcasing his burgeoning talent for piano composition. This early work, catalogued as Op. 12, hints at the emotive depth and technical prowess that would characterize Chopin’s mature compositions. It serves as a testament to Chopin’s virtuosity and his unique ability to infuse classical forms with new, romantic sensibilities. Through this piece, Chopin both honors Rossini and paves the way for his own distinctive musical voice, blending technical challenge with expressive beauty.

Luca Mozzillo’s transcription of Chopin’s „Variations on ‚Non più mesta'“ for clarinet offers a fresh take on this classic composition. By adapting it for the clarinet, Mozzillo not only highlights the instrument’s expressive capabilities but also introduces Chopin’s work to a wider audience. This reinterpretation maintains the essence of the original while exploring the clarinet’s unique sound, ensuring that Chopin’s variations remain relevant and accessible in the modern musical landscape. Mozzillo’s arrangement thus serves as a bridge, connecting Chopin’s romantic expressiveness with the distinctive timbre of the clarinet.

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